Best Copy Machine For Small Businesses

What is the Best copy machine For Small Businesses – Reviews 2021

Handling a small business is not at all a piece of cake. Being mindful about spending a penny is very important. A copy machine is essential for a small businesses. As in small businesses, with limited earning, it is imperative to mind the budget while purchasing any extra accessory. Here we have Best Copy Machine For Small Businesses, check it out.

A copy machine is one such additional machine, required for small businesses. Printing, copying, and scanning from the shop will be more expensive and time-consuming than using the personal copy machine. 

With the advent of technology, copy machines are now more versatile with copying, scanning, faxing, colored, and black and white printing into a single device. Duplex printing is also available in some of the copy machines.

So check out Best Copy Machine For Small Businesses as well as also check out What Is The Best Exercise Machine For Seniors.

Factors to Be Considered While Purchasing a Best Copy Machine for Small Businesses

  • Price: for small business, price considerations are essential because of budget constraints and limited income
  • Printing speed: printing speed should be considered while purchasing a copy machine. Sheet cassette and automated document feeder should also be considered while buying a copy machine.
  • Easy of operation: since a business might have some technophobic individuals as well. So, the tool which is opted should be easy to operate for such people.
  • Compatibility: a copy machine should be compatible with the currently active device. There is no use of spending money on such a machine which will not work well with your current system.
  • Efficiency: It is essential to note whether or not the printer can handle the business’s workload. There are certain factors like pages printed per minute or dots per inch (to test the resolution and picture detail that the printer will give) to test the efficiency of the printer.

Copy machines are useful for day-to-day activities and can help save all individuals’ time and effort. The following mentioned are some best copy machine for small businesses at an affordable price:

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ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION: The Brother MFC-L8900CDW Color Laser All-in-One is an exceptional printer for businesses that require large print and copy volume.

Save 10% on all ink reorders with Dash Replenishment. Upon activation your printer measures ink levels.

Built to keep your business moving forward: Print, scan, copy and fax consistently high quality documents.

Easy, efficient and entirely new, Preloaded Xerox ConnectKey Apps help optimize office efficiency.

Save 10% on all ink reorders with Dash Replenishment. Upon activation your printer measures ink levels and places smart reorders when you are running low.

Top 5 Best Copy Machine For Small Businesses

In small business copy machine is useful in day to day life, from printing legal documents to faxing essential documents one of the best copy machine for small businesses.

Brother MFC-L8900CDW Color Laser All-in-One Printer can be used for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. The dimension of this copy machine is 19.5 x 20.7 x 21.6 inches. 

With a high speed of 33 pages per minute, this copy machine can scan for double-sided pages up to 58 impressions per minute. 

Brother copy machine provides low-cost printing with its super high-yielding 6,500 pages replacement toner cartridge. Brother printer can print up to 60,000 pages per month with a daily recommended print volume of 4000 pages.  

This copy machine includes a 5 inches touchscreen display, which provides natural option selection and navigation. The touchscreen of this copy machine provides 64 customized shortcuts.

It has a legal-size document glass that allows scanning and copying various types and sizes of media. It provides wireless scanning functionality with mobile connection, with proper destinations like SharePoint. This copy machine offers easy setup or wireless and wired configurations, with a CPU of speed 800 Mhz.

It comes with an advanced triple-layer security system and an NFC card reader, allowing short-range communication between the printer and other devices.

In a single pass, it can scan both sides of a page quite fast.  It has a 70-page capacity auto document feeder. It also has an adjustable tray of 250 pages and an additional 1300 sheets tray. Further, this copy machine includes a built-in device, document, and network security features, and secure badge authentication. It is available at a price rate of under $600.

This copy machine’s dimension is 19.5 x 20.7 x 21.6 inches and weighs around 63.1 pounds.



  • Supports wired and wireless connection.
  • Touchscreen makes it easy to operate for everyone.
  • Very fast scan and printing speed.
  • Best printing quality.
  • Provides triple layer security.
  • Scan size may vary as compared to the size of original document.
  • Sometimes spills toner on sheets.

Canon imageCLASS MF424dw is a black and white printer available at an affordable price under $500. This copy function provides the multifunctionality of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing and uses the laser beam printing method.

With a printing speed of 40 pages per minute, this copy machine has a dimension of 17. X 18.3 x 15.5 inches. It is designed to meet users’ desires with ease of functionality, making it easy to use for even a technophobic person.

 With dash replenishment, it saves up to 10% of ink. This copy machine can print up to a paper of size 8.5 x 14 inches. The automated cassette feeder has a capacity of standard 250 sheets, while an additional tray can hold up to 900 sheets.

This copy machine has a printing speed of 500-4000 pages per month. This copy machine is perfect for a small business where the copy machine is used on an average.

Canon imageCLASS MF424dw printer has the additional functionality of one-pass duplex scanning and wireless and wired connection. It has a touchscreen display that provides ease of operation and is compatible with all the processors.

With very high efficiency and high capacity, this copy machine combines the drum and toner into the same unit, and thus, one consumable is needed to be replaced.

It has a 3-year warranty standard. Once you activate your printer, the printer can measure your ink level, and if it’s running low on ink, it replenishes the ink in proper order. Complimentary to the printer, a Standard Black Toner Cartridge comes with the pack. Also, it is compatible with Google Cloud Print.

The screen can be customized to set up those buttons primarily, which you use the most. It requires minimal maintenance and has the capability of adding an extra tray. It weighs around 35.8 pounds. 

  • Canon provides the best technical services.
  • Printing speed is worth of its price.
  • Excellent connectivity, speed, and overall perfect for small job assignments.
  • High-speed first-page printing and works well with this price range.
  • Long-lasting copy machine for small businesses.
  • The touchpad is small and thus difficult to work with.
  • Sometimes shows error code E-202-00002 and stops functioning.

HP Color LaserJets pro Multifunction M479fdw wireless Laser Printer, specially designed for small business purposes, lets you focus on growing your printer. Thus, the copy machine provides the multifunctionality of scanning, printing, copying, and faxing. The auto document feeder can scan both sides of 50 sheets in a single pass.

With an instant threat notification, this copy machine provides an additional PIN/ PULL printing, which helps protect the color laser printer and the safety of your sensitive data one of the best copy machine for small businesses.

With a touchscreen display of 4.3 inches, this copy machine provides a complicated automatic workflow with customized shortcuts. This copy machine has a dimension of 16.8 (W) x 25.7(D) x 16.3(H) inches.

Thus, the copy machine has an in-built wi-fi direct, which helps in connection with the laser printer directly to the smartphones. It also has a walk-in USB port to transfer data to be printed or scanned. This copy machine provides the fastest first-page printing with HP’s Auto-On/ Auto-Off technology. 

This copy machine provides the print speed of up to 28 pages per minute for color and a colored printing speed of 28 pages per minute. It also offers duplex printing and scanning functionality.

It has an automated sheet feeder of the capacity of 150 sheets and an additional tray of capacity 300 sheets. With the maximum printing size of 8.5 x 14 inches, this copy machine is compatible with all the operating systems.

This copy machine could be used to print envelopes, glossy photo paper, card stock, and high-resolution paper. This copy machine is available at a price range of $500.

This copy machine has been designed while keeping in mind the effect it may have on the environment. It saves around 18 percent energy as compared to other products and helps reduce paper wastage.

The whole package comes with an HP Color LaserJet Pro Multifunction Printer, pre-installed HP 414A Black and Introductory Cyan, Magenta and Yellow Cartridges, a power cord, a USB cable, a starting guide, and a warranty card. The item weighs around 51.6 pounds.

  • High-speed first-page printing, worth buying at this price range.
  • Compatible with all operating systems and work seamlessly.
  • Clean and alignment work after every time, with a perfect double-sided copy as well.
  • Effortless setup and configuration
  • Long lasted printing and copying.
  • Software is crippled right from the website.
  • Feeder is sometimes unable to fetch the paper.
  • Toner is very expensive for HP.

Xerox Versa Link C405/DN Color Multifunction printer is a flawless and consistent machine that helps to perform tasks for small businesses and works efficiently without hectic installations. It is fit for the use of 2-10 people. 

With a secure wired and wireless connection using ethernet, this copy machine provides very high-speed printing. The printing speed is 47 pages per minute for black and white pages, while 36 pages per minute for colored pages. It gives a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi black and white printing. The security features keep the PDF password protected and allows role-based permissions. 

This copy machine is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating Systems. With a dimension of 19.5 x 21.7 x 19.5 inches and 48 lbs, this copy machine is basically for printing the plain sheet of paper up to the dimension of 8.5 x 14 pages.

With duplex printing, Xero9x Versa Link C405/DN multifunction printer provides an automated cassette feeder of 50 sheets and an additional tray of 500 sheets.

This copy machine also contains a 5 inches customized touchscreen display. It provides very high first-page printing within 13 seconds for coloring pages and 12 seconds for black and white pages, which is a very high fist page printing time. 

This copy machine provides in-built wi-fi Suite connectivity with smartphones and provides NFC connectivity as well. It is available in price range within $600 and provides both color and black and white printing. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

  • Fastest first-page printing.
  • Flawless, convenient, and simple to use for technophobic people as well.
  • Colored printing makes it possible to print legal documents, envelops, business cards without much time and money consumption.
  • Great printing quality.
  • Suits small businesses with an average workload, inexpensive ink, and very high performance.
  • Printer breaks while moving it from one part to another.
  • Admits toner fault error sometimes.
  • Recurring issues with internet connectivity.

Canon imageCLASS MF445dw – All in One Laser printer provides the functionality of scanning, printing, faxing, and copying, all in a single machine. This copy machine is available at a very reasonable price under $300. It also has three years of warranty and saves up to 10% of ink reorders with Dash replenishment.

With the speed of printing 40 pages per minute, this printer can print up to 750- 4000 pages per month, which is more than sufficient for small businesses. It comes with Toner 057/ 057H embedded into it and one of the best copy machine for small businesses.

This copy machine provides a one-pass duplex scan as well. Thus, it is considered as one of the best copy machines for small business. The automated duplex cassette feeder can store up to standard 250 pages, while the additional tray can hold up to 900 pages.

With a dimension of 18.3 x 17.8 x 15.4 inches and a weight of 35.7 pounds. This copy machine provides fast wi-fi connectivity with smartphones and is compatible with all operating systems. This copy machine can print legal documents, cards, envelope, and plain paper of size up to 8.5 x 14 inches and weighs around 35.7 pounds.

Canon specifically produces eco-friendly products with sustainability certifications. Also, this product is EPEAT certified and consumes less power.

  • The support provided for the printer is worth of its price.
  • Provides 2 extra cartridges that can store up to 3100 pages.
  • Very fast and convenient to use.
  • Works best as an independent
  • Supports mobile connectivity and operation.
  • Complicated set-up to understand.
  • Buttons need to be pressed repeatedly to make them work


The multifunctional copy machine is quite helpful for all day to day activities in the small business. It not only saves time and energy but also saves money as well. However, the printer’s efficiency must be kept in mind while buying a printer for small or big businesses because that will save your time and energy.

Mentioned above are the copy machines that are Best Copy Machine For Small Businesses and household copying works. These copy machines are not only price efficient but also flawless and convenient. These copy machines are specially designed to meet the need for small business and office work.

The copy machines must require the least maintenance, But it is highly recommended to clean the copy machine before using it. Wipe the exterior of the device and the cassette tray regularly to avoid dirt in the path of paper.

Always use quality toner for the machine to get the smooth and flawless finish of ink on paper. Don’t use the device with wet hands as you might not be able to navigate the touchscreen display. 

To save energy, it is always advised to switch off the copier plug while not using the copy machine instead of keeping the device in standby mode.

Always open the processor cover with care because it is challenging to find a replacement for the same. Always handle the copy machine with care because the parts of a copy machine can get damaged.

Don’t try to stack things on the glass of copy machine while not using it, doing so can crack the glass of copy machine. Thus, proper care is always advisable while using a copy machine. A copy machine is versatile, and therefore, manhandling can stop the basic functioning of the device. Do follow the precautionary measures for safety.

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