What Is The Best Machine For Quilting

Quilting can be defined as joining three or more layers of fabric together by stitching them manually or using a Best Sewing Machine For Quilting. It is used to prepare decorative bed covers, soft home furnishing, and even some garments and costumes. Quilting is used to develop a 3-dimensional surface, which is further decorated using pearls, beads, or mirrors, depending upon the item that is being made with quilting. 

Different types of quilting are performed depending upon the region, a variety of fabrics, or unusual patterns being used. Some of these types include African-American quilts, Amish quilts, Hawaiian quilts, and so on.

Nowadays, artistic quilting is being experimented using paper, plastic, and many other materials as well. Quilts can be made by hands using various needles or using by using machines like sewing machines, fabric markers or rulers, etc.

Types Of Best Machine For Quilting

#1 Sewing machines: sewing machines are the most widely used machines for quilting purposes. Sewing machines can be used to make quilts for personal as well as professional uses. It helps bind up the piece of quilts together with the help of bobbins and thread.

#2 Longarm quilting machines: Longarm quilting machines are used to prepare a large quilt. It is a long sewing machine suitable for commercial purposes, as it provides an extended arm for stitching larger canvass at one go. Usually, the frame of a longarm quilting machine can up to 14 foot large.

Whereas the first one is suitable for not just quilting but sewing as well and thus perfect for household purposes. If you want a dedicated quilting machine for commercial purposes, then go for a longarm quilting machine.

Apart from these two major types of machines used for quilting, there are some other tools as well, which are used for quilting like pins and thimbles, fabric markers are cutters, rotatory cutter, and boards.

Before directly heading towards our top recommendation for the best machine for quilting, we would want you to know what factors are there that one should consider before buying a best quilting machine.

Factors To Be Considered Before Getting The Best Quilting Machine Home

● Speed of stitching

What else except stitching speed can be the core factor that one should consider before buying a machine for quilting. Although if you want the machine for personal purposes, then stitching speed will not affect you much. 

But when you are using it for professional purposes, every minute counts. Faster stitching speed will help the workers save plenty of time, which will further enhance productivity.

Usually, a primary sewing machine for quilting can make up0 to 1000 to 1100 stitches per minute, with an average of almost 800 stitches per minute. But quilts are bulkier, and it needs to stitch them entirely from all its corners, which require a faster speed of stitching, around 1500 stitches per minute.

● Extension table

No doubt quilts are huge size-wise and much bulky. It will become pretty hard to handle it if you stitch it without using an extension table. To handle a quilt, it requires considerable space around the machine for its better placement and reduces the hassle of stitching the quilt. 

In such a case, an extension table can serve as a savior. Not just will you find it easy to handle the quilt entirely, with a table with an additional drawer, you will be able to store the threads and needles in it easily.

● Computerized threading or quick threading

As quilts are massive and need to be stitched around the corners twice or thrice, a lot of fiber is necessary to sew the quilt entirely. Thus manual threading can be a bit hard. It can be quite frustrating, inserting the thread in the machine again and again.

To avoid such a situation, it is better to look for a machine that supports automatic threading. You won’t find much difference if you are working at home. But for professional usage, automatic threading can be real relief from reinserting threads again and again.

● Foot press adjustment

Although not many machines provide the facility to use a foot press while quilting. A foot press frees both your hand so that you can manually operate the machine from your foot and use both your hands for quilting purposes only. Even if you want to sew edges or to make a turn, it will become much more comfortable with both your hands.

● Needle up or needle down button

Although it is easy to stop the machine whenever you don’t want to stitch anymore, only by stop applying pressure on the presser foot or handle the machine manually, with the needle up and needle down button, you will get two different positions to stitch at. 

You can keep the needle at a lower position while regular stitching, and while stitching the turns, needle up button is preferable to provide smooth edges.

● Throat space

The distance between the quilt and the actual machine is known as the throat space. The more the throat space, the better the quilting.

Here is the list of top 5 Best Machine For Quilting and also check out What Is The Best Monogram Machine For A Beginner.

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SIMPLE-TO-USE SEWING AND QUILTING MACHINE: 200 built-in stitches including basic, stretch, decorative.

This frame accommodates quilts up to 38″ wide – an ideal size for wall hangings and to learn with.

LCD Screen: The backlit LCD display allows you to easily make and view your stitch selections.

7-piece feed dog system allows for smooth fabric feed, no matter your fabric type Specialty needle plates.

If you’re looking for a bigger quilting machine to make bigger quilts, the Q’nique 15R by Grace sold by Sew Vac Direct might be just the machine you need!

Top 5 Recommended Best Machine For Quilting

Z6 sewing and quilting machine is a perfect machine for personal and professional use, which will cost you $300 only. This machine works as both a sewing and quilting machine. It is effortless to use. You can also make many various patterns of embroidery with the help of this machine. 

This machine has a 2.0 led screen, which allows us to choose our stitches easily and see comfortably, then we push the button and view your selection on the LCD. This machine has an automatic bobbin and quick set threader needle and one of the best machine for quilting.

This needle helps you easily thread the eye of the needle without causing your eyes fatigue or frustration. This machine has a potent 700 rpm motor, which does our work in minutes. This machine relies on a frontal pivot swing arm, for rotations of satin and extensive stitching. 

With the dimension of 18.2 x 14.3 x 10.3 inches, it can be stored in a very compact space. The packaging of this quilting machine includes needles, rippers/ brush, screwdriver, bobbins, spool, thread spool lit, twin needle, a small screwdriver, zipper foot, satin stitch foot, butter foot, blind stitch foot, buttonhole foot and character board.

  • Easy and quick set up.
  • Safe and can be used by a person of any age group.
  • The proper instruction manual provides comprehensive instructions.
  • Works great for hems.
  • Helps to finish the complicated task conveniently, thus consuming less time and effort.
  • Can’t be used for heavy workload.
  • It can jam occasionally.

Flynn’s multi-frame quilting system is specially designed for commercial and professional purposes. This quilting machine contains 2 PVC roller pipe and three fiberglass rods for smooth and quick motion of the quilt on the board. A sewing machine is attached to it to quilt the fabric easily and then move it away using these rollers.

With an affordable price under $200, this quilting machine is suitable for all sizes of quilts. The board has a length of 38 inches; thus, it can handle a quilt as long as 38 inches, which is an ideal size for wall hangings. 

New rods can be easily installed into this quilt making machine to increase the size of rods, making it efficient for larger quilts. Apart from the quilting machine, this machine can be used for regular sewing purposes as well. 

With the dimension of this quilting machine being 48.4 x 4.6 x 4.4 inches, this machine is suitable for small businesses. Its weight is only 3 pounds, and this sewing machine is portable as well. This quilting machine can be used to print different designer quilt.  

The packaging of this quilting machine contains a smooth moving sewing machine, 2 PVC rollers, side tension ribbon to fix the rollers, muslin-leaders, and an instructional DVD explaining the in-depth usage of this sewing machine.

  • The instructional DVD enables a real understanding of the machine very quickly.
  • Easy and efficient to use.
  • Long-lasting and worthy.
  • The large frame makes using the features easier.
  • With an adjustable height, this quilting machine can be used by anyone effectively.
  • Bulky and requires a large storage area.
  • Overpriced as per the quality and features.

The Brother CS7000i sewing and quilting machine is an excellent choice for both personal and professional purposes. It is easy to use and available to you at a price under $500, with over 70 built-in stitch designs including quilting, decorative, heirloom stitches, and additionally seven auto-size buttonholes. 

With an automatic bobbin needle threader that perfectly pushes the thread through the needle and a convenient, jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin, this machine is perfect for day-to-day use. This machine has a 2.0 LCD, which allows users to view their stitch selection quickly. 

This machine has built-in led light on the top of the needle, illuminating its working area and allowing users to work in small places and with dark fibers. This machine contains a start, stop, and a reverses button with various speed control buttons. This machine has an extensively large table for large projects and free arm capability for hemming cuffs, sleeves, and pants.

This is easy to store the machine with dimension: 16.02 x 6.69 x 12.09 inches. It comes with a 25-year warranty and lifetime free phone support. The CS7000i sewing and quilting machine comes with a printed Quick Start guide and complete instructions and packaging and can also be used for heavy workloads. The packaging also includes some extensions like free arm and extension table for convenient quilting of large fabrics. 

  • Unlimited quilting options available.
  • Easy to thread.
  • Quick bobbin fill-up.
  • Very lightweight and portable.
  • Rusts easily if not handled with care.

Elna Elnita ef72 sewing and quilting machine can be used for sewing and quilting purposes easily. It is available at a price of under $2000. This quilting machine is suitable for all kinds of fabrics, irrespective of their thickness and size and one of the best machine for quilting.

It contains an auto declutch bobbin winder, which will solve the problem of winding bobbins. It automatically stops when the winder bobbin is full. This quilting machine also contains a 7-piece dog feed system, which allows smooth and flawless feeding of fabric, irrespective of the type of material.

With the extra 3 LED lights, the quilting machine can be used at any time of the day without worrying about the eyes. It also has a special needle plate, which is helpful in the centralized needle position. Made up of heavy-duty aluminum, this quilting machine is long-lasting. 

This quilting machine comes with a 25-year warranty on mechanical parts, 5-year warranty on electronic components, and a 1-year labor and accessory warranty. It is a computerized sewing machine and can be used for zig-zag foot overcasting, satin foot overcasting, and many other purposes.

For thick fabrics like denim, an additional foot pressor is also available in this quilting machine. It also contains a dust cover to store all the parts which are not being used. 

  • It provides an easy needle changing option.
  • Works great and flawless on bulky fabrics as well.
  • Proper instruction manual, along with packaging, provides an exceptional understanding of the product.
  • Stitches in a straight line efficiently.
  • Gets rusted if came in contact with moisture.

Grace Q’nique 15P mid-arm quilting machine is a heavy-duty quilting machine that can effectively serve for professional and commercial use. This quilting machine is available at a price range of $5000 and one of the best machine for quilting.

This quilting machine can serve best for small and significant works, up to a size of 15 inches. It has a robust long arm, which can be easily used for larger sized quilting projects. The handle of this sewing machine provides a perfect grip, and thus, this quilting machine is safe to use.

It can be automated with the use of its automated touch software. Otherwise, it can be operated manually. This quilting machine provides multi-functionality and can stitch with a breakneck stitching speed of 1800 stitches per minute. 

This quilting machine contains three quick control buttons for controlling stitch speed, stitch regulations, and other controls. This machine is available with a 1-year electrical parts warranty, a 2-year warranty on mechanical parts, and a 5-year warranty on the cast body. 

Made up of aluminum, this quilting machine is very durable and easy to work. The packaging of this quilting machine includes 15 three-piece hopping foot set, bobbins, and a needle, making it efficient to work on a large number of designs.


  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • A perfect direction manual that comes with its packaging explains the working of this quilting machine in layman's language.
  • Very durable and long-lasting.
  • Bobbins can be retreated without the rethreading machine.
  • The adjustable height of the quilting machine makes it even more effective.
  • Slightly overpriced.


Recommended above were some of the Best Machine For Quilting that can be used for commercial and personal purposes. These machines can be used to create decorative and straightforward quilts, including wall hangings, tables, or bed quilts. 

Quilting is a process that has been used from ancient times. It requires skills and techniques for quilting fabric. Various fabrics can be used for quilting like denim, wool, clothes to prepare beautiful designer clothes for both gents and ladies. 

But some precautions should also be taken care of while quilting uses these machines, like looking for your fingers while using the quilting machine. The needle of the quilting machine may harm your fingers.

Due to dust, the quilting may get jammed, and it will have to waste your time cleaning and oiling them. Always turn the quilting machine off after using it to save electricity. 

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