What is The Best Sewing Machine For Quilting

Most people use quilts in our day to day lives for various purposes, like, decorative table covers, as a bedsheet, to get rid of an excessive cold in winter and many more, Here are some best sewing machine for quilting. Joining two or more fabrics together into a single piece of cloth is what’s known as quilting. 

Quilting is being used for a very long period. Nowadays, various kinds of quilting are being performed by people, some of which are African- American or Hawaiian quilting or Amish quilting. 

The quilting types are defined based on the region in which they have originated or the particular designs they are formed from the quilting. Quilting can be performed with embedding pearls, beads, or mirrors in the quilted fabric, to make it more decorative.

Quilting can be used to prepare beautiful and colorful table cloths, bed sheets, jeans, wall hangings, and many other clothes. Many quiltmakers are now experimenting with art quilting, and they use paper, plastic, or any other fabrics and materials to design beautiful quilts with them. 

Types Of Best Sewing Machine For Quilting

Quilts can be designed manually by hands using a needle, using a manual sewing machine, or using the modern computerized sewing machines. A heavy-duty sewing machine will fit best for making quits, because of the thickness of fabric being used.

Types of sewing machines that can be used for quilting:

  • Flat-bed sewing machine: In a flat-bed sewing machine, an extended arm to work with a larger quilt is attached to the sewing machine. These machines can be used for industrial purposes.
  • Post-bed sewing machine: post-bed sewing machines are attached to an external motor. This type of sewing machine can be used for clothes ranging from 10cm to 45 cm.
  • Cylinder-bed sewing machine: these sewing machines contain a horizontal cylindrical column with a flat base. This machine can be used for multilayer clothes as well.

Along with these sewing machines, various other instruments like fabric cutters can also be used for quilting purposes. 

Factors One Should Consider Before Purchasing A Sewing Machine For Quilting

Stitching speed

If you are making quilts for personal purposes, then stitching speed cannot put much effect. But no one buys a sewing machine specific for quilting for personal purpose. Still, if your sewing machine also provides the feature of quilting, then too, stitching speed is not the factor that can affect the stitching much.

But if you buy stitching speed for professional or commercial purposes, then speed can affect a lot. It is not only the faster-stitching speed with saving your time, but it will also help you complete your task a bit earlier.

On a small scale, the time you will save using a sewing machine with fast stitching speed will not affect much. But on a larger commercial scale, it will significantly put an effect.

Types of stitches

There are many different types of stitches that you can use to provide strength to the stitches and make them look different. It is advisable to consider a sewing machine that offers various stitches to increase its functionality.

With a sewing machine used for quilting with a higher number of stitches, you will be able to make sophisticated designs while stitching.


Undoubtedly, the budget is the core factor affecting your purchase of a sewing machine for quilting. If you have to stitch quilt for personal purposes, it is advisable to go for a smaller stitching machine. Not just will you find it storage efficient, but at a very affordable price.

But if you want a sewing machine for making quilts at the commercial level, then it is advisable to go for a sewing machine that not just provide smooth stitches at heavy fabric but is durable and lasts longer. But again, you will need to spend a few bucks for bringing such a machine home.

Extension table

If you are working with a quilt, then without an extension table, it will become a tedious task to manage such a large quilt while stitching. Extension tables are there to help you provide a little extra space while quilting to manage the large quilt easily. 

Additionally, extension tables also provide extra storage space like drawers to keep the threads and needles handy while stitching. 


Look for a sewing machine with a durable build while stitching the heavy quilts. The durable build will last longer and will reduce the vibrations while stitching, providing smooth stitches.

Now that we know the factors that one should look for the sewing machine for quilting, they are willing to purchase; we can head towards our top 5 recommendations tops in terms of features, quality, and stitching texture. 

Now that we know what all factors to consider while looking for a sewing machine for quilting, we can head towards our top picks for the best sewing machine for quilting depending on the above factors.

Here are the some Best Sewing Machine For Quilting and also check out What Is The Best Sewing Machine For Sewing Thick Material And Leathers.

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300 built-in stitches, plus American alphabet, LCD screen with easy navigation.

Jam Proof Easy-Set Top-Loading Bobbin System – It’s Easy To Change Your Bobbin.

Computerized Sewing Machine with Easy Threading, Top Drop-In Bobbin and 7-Piece Feed Dog System.

NEW FEATURE: This beginner sewing machine has pedal for easy foot control and a start/off for automatic operation.

LCD Screen: The intuitive LCD display allows you to easily choose your stitches and settings with the push of a button.

Top 5 Best Sewing Machine For Quilting

Janome 4300QDC-B sewing and quilting machine can be used for personal as well as professional use. The price of this sewing and quilting machine is $700. It can be used for sewing and quilting purposes. 

With the ease of use, this sewing machine can be used to produce beautiful quilts. It provides 300 stitching options, along with the built-in American alphabets as well.

An LCD screen is embedded into this sewing machine to provide more straightforward navigation of stitching. The LCD screen shows the preview of the quilt being designed using the sewing machine.

The one-hand needle threader makes it efficient to thread the needle. This sewing machine has a lock stitching button. An easy reverse option is also available in this sewing machine.

This sewing machine has a 7-piece foot dog, a foot pressure adjustment, and a memorized needle button is also available. The small dimensions, i.e., 7.2 x 16 x 17.7 inches, provide secure storage to the sewing machines. The lightweight (22.4 pounds) makes this sewing machine portable. This stitching machine is available with a 25-year warranty and lifetime customer care support as well.

  • Easy and simple setup.
  • Multiple features make it perfect for quilting.
  • The proper instruction manual provides comprehensive instructions.
  • Works great with all types of fabric.
  • Thread sucker makes its functionality easy.
  • Smaller cramp space.
  • It jams sometimes.

Janome 4120QDC Computerized sewing machine, specially designed for personal and professional purposes too. This sewing machine has 120 built-in stitching options and built-in alphabets as well. This sewing machine is available at a price range of $750.

This sewing machine is easy to use and has an embedded LCD screen, which helps to show a quilt design. The automatic needle threaders make their use further easy and efficient and one of the best sewing machine for quilting.

The machine has a jam prof built-up and a smooth bobbin thread-up system to provide the unlimited thread automatically. With the thread cutter and the embedded LED lights, it becomes easy to use for all the kinds of fabric irrespective of thickness.  

The reverse sews settings and various buttons like the lock stitch button makes this machine multifunctional. It also has a memorized needle up and needles down mechanism and an automatic start-stop button. 

With its moderate dimension, 19.8 x 12 x 16 inches, this machine becomes suitable for quilting purposes. The average weight of 22.4 pounds makes it portable as well. With the best quality material, this sewing machine is durable and long-lasting.

The following accessories are available with the packaging of this sewing machine: 1/4 seam sewing foot with a guide, zig-zag sewing foot, automatic buttonhole sewing foot, assorted needle set, large spool holder, small spool holder, extra spool pin, bobbins, screwdriver, lint brush, seam ripper, stitch chart, and an instruction book

  • The instructional manual makes it easy to understand the working of this machine.
  • Very affordable price.
  • Portable and long-lasting.
  • Multi-functionality with various accessories.
  • Manual as well as computerized working available.
  • Proper customer support is not available.

Janome JW8100 Fully-Featured Computerized Sewing Machine is a perfect machine for quilting and is useful for personal and professional purposes. This sewing machine is straightforward to use and is available at an affordable price under $400. This sewing machine can be used to design decorative quilts.  

With 100 built-in stitches, this sewing machine also has seven auto buttonhole sizes, a memorized needle up, and a needle down. This sewing machine has a durable metal interior body that provides durability to the device. This sewing machine also lasts long. 

This sewing machine contains additional storage and free arm accessory storage with an adjustable thread extension. The extra presser foot provides manual functionality to an individual.

The accessory available in packages includes an extra-wide extension table, hard-sided dust cover, even feed foot, quarter-inch foot. An LCD screen is also embedded in this sewing machine.

This machine is easy to store sewing machine with dimensions 16 x 7 x 12 inches. With a 25 -year limited warranty, lifetime support is also providing to its customer via emailing or phone call.

  • Easy to use, portable and durable as well.
  • Works well with multiple layers of fabric that is, quilting.
  • Easy to store due to its small size.
  • Rigid machine body makes it last longer.
  • Rusts easily if came in contact with moisture

Top spring sewing and quilting machines are multipurpose machines that can be used for sewing, quilting, and embroidery purposes. This sewing machine is available at an affordable price of $87.99 only. This quilting machine can be used for thick fabric irrespective of their types.

This is a small sewing machine and thus very portable as well. This sewing machine contains very various features like LED light for a better view of stitching, even in the dark. It also has a replicable foot, auto thread, reverses swing as well. This machine has a reverse overlock stitching as well. 

This is a small sewing machine that can be used by a beginner and can be used by kids, adults, and older people easily. To avoid any accidents, this sewing machine has an anti-slip bottom pads, and thus it is safe to use.

This quilting machine can be easily used to create decorative quilts and is thus the best sewing machine for quilting. The adjustable needles help to make customized stitches beautifully. 

The thread cutter embedded into this sewing machine helps to save the time of its user. This machine is very lightweight (weighs only 4.2 pounds), and thus, it is effortless to be carried together. This sewing machine’s packaging includes the following accessories: overlock sewing machine, power adapter, foot pedal, spare needle, needle threader, thread spool, user manual. 

  • The LED light makes quilting easier.
  • Functions flawlessly and smoothly without any tangling.
  • The user manual provides proper instruction for usage and assembles for users.
  • Untangles stitches and works great with 2 or 3 layers of fabric.
  • Quick rusting due to metal body.

Brother XR9550PRW sewing and quilting machine has multiple functionalities and can be used for cemeterial and personal usage. This quilting machine is available at a price range of $500 and one of the best sewing machine for quilting.

This quilting machine can be effectively used to make large quilts because of an embedded 8 feet long table. Thus, the device includes eight auto-size buttons holes and 55 inbuilt alphanumeric sewing stitches.

The automatic needle threader and bobbin consumes time and makes its functionality easy. It has an LCD for the settings of the sewing machine, LCD also shows the specifications of stitches being made.

The proper instructional manual which comes into the packaging of this sewing machine makes it easy to use even for a beginner. A protective hardcover is also included in its packaging to keep the sewing machine dust free. With 110 built-in switches, this sewing machine has overcasting foot, buttonholes, zipper foot, zig-zag foot, and lots of other functionality.

The sewing machine is secure to use and provides a 25-year extended warranty and an unlimited phone call and online technical support.

  • Very affordable as per the functionality.
  • The user manual makes its use very easy even for beginners.
  • Highly durable and lasts longer.
  • It has an easy assembly and can be used for thick fabric and quilting as well.
  • The long table makes it to use effectively for the long quilt as well.
  • Metal body can get rusted if come in contact with moisture. Keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Replace needle with care.


The above recommended are some of the easy-to-use Best Sewing Machine For Quilting. These sewing machines are for the multi-functionality of sewing, embroidery, and quilting purposes. Quilting requires skills and proficiency, as well. With advancements in technology, quilting has become comfortable with the computerized machine compared to the manual techniques used for quilting.

Some precautions should be taken care of, too, while using the sewing machine. The sharp needles are sufficient to harm any person. Thus, needles proper care should be taken care of while working with needles. Always read the user manual to find out the proper type of needles. Use appropriate needles while working with thick clothes because thick clothes may break the needle as well.

Take care of electric power as well. Don’t touch the machine with wet hands because you might get an electric shock. Exposure to moisture can also affect the device. Keep the device in a dry place away from moisture. Always turn off the quilting machine or remove batteries when the device is not used to save energy.


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