What is The Best Machine For Sewing Thick Material And Leathers

The clothes that we wear today are made up of a variety of types of fabric like leather, cotton, polyester, and various other materials and best sewing machine for sewing thick material and leathers, These clothes are beautifully stitched together into multiple designs.

Sewing machines are a machine which can be used to stitch various fabrics together using a thread. Sewing machines can be used for personal as well as professional manner. The simple sewing machine that is used at home contains only a single stitching thread.

Sewing machines are nowadays available with multiple functions like embroidery, quilting, and sewing. Sewing is performed from ancient times. Initially, sewing was performed manually by hands using a needle. Nowadays, stitching clothes have become more comfortable and can be performed using a sewing machine.

Types of Best Sewing Machine For Sewing Thick Material And Leathers:

Various types of stitching machines are available in the market. Some of which are:

  • Mechanical or domestic sewing machine: The mechanical or local sewing machine performs functions like tailoring. It is manually operated using a handle or operated by a foot pressor attached to a wheel. This is mostly used as a sewing machine for household uses.
  • Electronic sewing machine: Sewing has become more comfortable with the introduction of the electronic sewing machine, where the sewing machines are operated by electricity. It is providing more features like embroidery or quilting as well. Beautiful DIY can also be performed using this sewing machine. 
  • Computerized sewing machine: Computerized sewing machine, as the name suggests, is a sewing machine through which an individual can design a particular cloth or feed the design into the sewing machine and then perform stitching as per the preview.

What To Look For In The Best Sewing Machine For Sewing Thick Material And Leather?


Leather and thick materials are tough to stitch. Thus, an equal power-efficient sewing machine is required to tolerate the toughness of the fabric and sew it throughout. 
While looking for a sewing machine, we must consider the power it provides to make it last longer, giving clean stitches to the thick fabric and leather while stitching.

Stitch number or the types of stitching

Stitch number is a numerical quantity, which signifies the number of stitching types that a sewing machine supports. Some of the types of stitching include zig-zag stitching or straight stitch, or chain stitches. 
It is preferable to choose a sewing machine that provides a large quantity of stitching or large stitch number to use the machine for multiple purposes. 
The more the design, the better the printing.

Stitching speed

Although using a sewing machine to sew thick material or leather for household purposes, stitching speed doesn’t affect many effects. But if you are looking for one for professional purposes, then stitching speed is the one factor that can save a lot of your time.
While stitching a standard fabric, a sewing machine can provide stitching speed as fast as providing 2000 stitches per minute. But since leather or thick materials are tough to sew, you will not achieve a speed as quickly as 2000 stitches per minute. 
The lowest possible speed that a sewing machine can provide is 800 stitches per minute, easily achieved while sewing thick material or leather.


Price is one of the most common and most crucial factors that one should consider before buying a sewing machine. Although, with price, the number of features and durability of machines varies. 
Still, some of the sewing machines provide many features and durability even at an affordable price. Thus, it better to first compare and then buy a sewing machine with better features and pocket-friendly prices.

Ease of usage

Almost all the sewing machines vary in terms of their functioning. There is no rocket-science in using a primary sewing machine. But some people may find it hard to use the accessories and additional features that the sewing machine provides. Thus, look for a sewing machine that comes with a useful buying guide to understand how to use the sewing machine’s features quickly.

These are some of the sewing machines that can be purchased from the market. Some of the recommended sewing machines are mentioned in this article, for those looking for Best Sewing Machine For Sewing Thick Material And Leathers and also check out What Is The Best Workout Machine For Bad Knees.

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HEAVY DUTY METAL FRAME: Adds stability and provides long lasting durability.

37 Unique built-in stitches: The Brother ST371HD features 37 built-in stitches including an auto-size buttonhole.

Easy Stitch Selection – Simply Turn the Stitch Selection Dial to the Desired Stitch and the Chosen Stitch Will Appear in Red.

Industrial-Grade: Aluminum Interior Frame, Aluminum Outer Body, 25-Year Limited.

Compound Walking Foot Feeding Mechanism: For sewing thick and bulky materials such as leather, heavy fabrics, nylon webbing, canvas, denim and more.

Top 5 Best Sewing Machine For Sewing Thick Material And Leathers

SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 sewing machine is an easy-to-use portable device that can be used for all kinds of material. With 110 stitching applications, this machine is very durable and long-lasting. This sewing machine is available at an affordable price of under $350.

This sewing machine provides a reverse sewing mechanism with an in-built reverse level to reverse and reinforce stitches. This machine includes various functionality like an all-purpose foot, zipper foot, and buttonhole foot and seam ripper, making it multifunctional.

The packaging of this sewing machine, along with sewing machine includes the following accessories:: All-Purpose, Zipper, Buttonhole, & Button Sewing Feet, Seam Ripper/Lint Brush, Quilting Guide, Needles, Bobbins, Screwdriver, Auxiliary Spool Pin, Spool Pin Felt, Soft-Sided Dust Cover, Manual, Power Cord, Foot Controller, Quick Start Guide.

Along with machine belts and bulbs are attached as well to provide grip while sewing and proper lighting. With LED, this sewing machine can be used in a dark place and to a dark canvass. The dust cover helps protect this sewing machine from dust and moisture as well.

This machine can be used on thick fabrics with a stitch width up to 6mm. The instructional manual makes it very easy for all of its users to assemble it and use it. The instruction manual also provides detailed information about all of its features and one of the best sewing machine for sewing thick material and leathers.

With a warranty of 25-years for sewing head, 90-days adjustable warranty, it also provides other accessories like belts, bulb, and 2-year electric warranty for motors, LED light, wiring switch, and speed controller. Free lifetime technical support and customer support is also available for the users round the clock.

  • A durable machine that lasts longer.
  • The user manual provides stitching information about various types of fabrics.
  • Ease of usage.
  • Portable and lightweight, can be carried easily.
  • Provides multi-functionality to its users.
  • Poor customer support.
  • Can’t be used for a huge workload.

Brother ST371HD Best Sewing Machine specially designed to work for sewing thick material fabrics and leathers. Available at a very affordable price, that is, under $450, this sewing machine is portable and durable.

It is providing 37 built-in stitches and an auto-size buttonhole. This sewing machine is made up of excellent quality material and a sturdy and robust body, and thus it lasts long. This is a heavy-duty sewing machine that can be used for quilting and embroidery as well.

With dimensions 13 x 7 x 11.5 inches, this sewing machine needs a very compact space for storage. Weighing only 9.8 pounds, this sewing machine is portable and easy to carry as well.

This sewing machine provides a versatile arm, which can be used to provide a broader range of sewing for some large fabrics. This machine works great when used for some large works projects for industrial use as well.

It has a metal plate and an embedded heavyweight needle to work with thick fabric efficiently. It also provides decorative stitches like blind hems, stretch stitches, buttonholes, zipper insertion, and many more functions. The drop-feed system provides unlimited thread access and smooth and free motion.

With a speed of 800 stitches per minute, this sewing machine comes with a warranty of 25-years, and lifetime online customer care and phone call support. Its instructional DVD and user manual also makes it easy to use and assemble this sewing machine.

  • High quality and durable stitching.
  • Very lightweight and portable.
  • It works well for large and heavy-duty projects, suits for industrial usage as well.
  • Easy to use and assemble.
  • It works well with thick clothes and leather as well.
  • Plastic casing makes it more prone to damage.

Janome HD3000 heavy duty sewing machine is a simple to use and a hard-cased sewing machine. This machine provides the functionality of an automatic needle threader, which inserts the thread into a needle without much hassle. It has a jam-proof bobbin system that helps to get rid of the worry of changing bobbin.

With an adjustable foot presser, this machine can be used manually. The automatic foot pressor has a dial system and can be adjusted depending on the thickness of the fabric and type of material. Thus, this machine is suitable to be worked with thick fabrics and leather. 

It has a hard body, and thus it is very durable and long-lasting. This sewing machine’s free arm capability makes it suitable to stitch cuffs, collars, pants, and shirt sleeves quickly. The sharp needle support makes its best to be used for leather as well.

This is easy to use and a convenient sewing machine, which can be ideally used for personal as well as professional use. This sewing machine can be used for embroidery and quilting as well. The hard case cover of this sewing machine keeps it clean and dust-free.

This sewing machine comes with a warranty of 25 years along with lifetime online technical support. It is very durable and long-lasting. It has an LCD screen embedded into it to set up the specifications of sewing and one of the best sewing machine for sewing thick material and leathers.

It can be operated manually with the foot oppressor as well. The packaging of this machine includes automatic buttonhole foot, a pack of needles, screwdriver, small screwdriver, large spool holder, small spool holder, lint brush, seam ripper, additional spool pin, bobbin, quilter bar, felt, foot control/power cord, warranty card and instructional manual. The manual and quick start guide helps a beginner to understand the working of this sewing machine.

  • Automatic threader and bobbin system to provide ease to the user.
  • Saves time and efforts of an individual.
  • Easy to use, assemble, and handle.
  • Information manual and DVD makes it easy for users to understand the assembly and use of the machine.
  • Portable and durable and long-lasting.
  • Tangles stitches sometimes.
  • Jams if not handles with care.

Janome Industrial-Grade Aluminium-Body HD1000 Black Edition Sewing Machine is made up of high-quality Aluminium, making it a more durable and long-lasting sewing machine. This sewing machine can be used for professional and fits well for industrial usage as well. It is available just at $500 and is a durable sewing machine.

This machine has a unique drop feed and seven feed-dog systems, making the stitching of cuff, collars, and pockets of trouser easy. It works efficiently for thick fabrics and leather as well.  

With an automatic thread feeder, this machine becomes even more efficient. It has a free arm, which makes it useful for a longer length of fabric. This machine can be used for stitching, quilting, and embroidery purposes as well.  

It is a very lightweight sewing machine with 14 inbuilt stitches and a 4-step buttonhole. This machine also has an adjustable stitch length and weight and supports zig-zag stitching as well.

This sewing machine’s packaging includes a sewing machine, Hard Cover, 4 Presser Feet, Needles, Bobbins, and a bilingual instructional manual. To provide satisfactory services to the user, 24 x 7 phone call support and customer service are available.

  • Superfast stitching.
  • Easy to use and assemble with the use of the instructional manual.
  • Runs very smoothly and doesn’t produce any sound.
  • Needle threader makes easy insertion of thread easier into the needle.
  • A substantial body and can be used for industrial purposes and heavy workload.
  • Basic functionality.
  • Technical support not up to the mark.

Techsew 2700 leather walking foot industrial sewing machine can be easily used for industrial use and works smoothly on thick fabric and leather. This machine has a long cylindrical neck of size 10.5 inches, which provides 2700 different features.

This sewing machine can be used on denim, heavy fabric, nylon, canvass, and other hard fabrics easily since it can stitch a cloth of width up to 1cm quickly. With the help of its Japanese rotatory hook and a stable needle, it can be used for all kinds of stitching.

It has a very high-speed servo motor, which provides an excellent stitching speed of 2,200 stitching per minute, to this sewing machine. Its reverse feedback system helps in better reinforcement of backward or reverse stitching and one of the best sewing machine for sewing thick material and leathers.

This sewing machine’s packaging includes the following accessories: Complete table, motor, lamp, bobbin winder, accessories, tools, instruction manual. The user manual provides a real understanding of the machine to its user.

  • Provides breakneck stitching speed, 2200 stitches per minute.
  • The manual makes it very easy to use and assemble this sewing machine.
  • Multifunctional sewing machine.
  • It works great with thick fabric and functions smoothly.
  • Small, portable and is easy to store.
  • A little counter-intuitive and manual is not that helpful.
  • Produces a less intense but disturbing noise.


Above mentioned sewing machines are recommended as the Best Sewing Machine For Sewing Thick Material And Leathers. These machines can be used for quilting and embroidery as well.

Precautions are essential while using a sewing machine. The needle of this sewing machine is very harmful; thus, it should be handled with care. While using the sewing machine on thick fabric and leather, it becomes essential to select a proper needle to work with. The needle may break as well, if not selected as per material type.

Proper cleaning of the sewing machine is essential. Dust can jam the sewing machine. So, keep oiling and cleaning the sewing machine regularly. Always unplug the machine when not in use. Remove batteries if they are being used. Avoid touching the plug of a sewing machine with wet hands as one might get an electric shock. 

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